RETARGETING (Traffic Packs)

Convincing online users interested in coming back to visit the pages and complete the conversion actions.

  • CPV (Cost per Visit)
  • CPA (Cost per Action)
  • For E-Commerce & Mobile App
  • Static & Dynamic Creativity
  • Post-Back Optimization
  • Server2Server Tracking
  • Post-View & Post-Click Analisys

Package comparison

    Generic (all visitors) Campaign (Static) Product (Dynamic)
  Payout CPC or CPV CPV CPV or CPA
  Mim. Visitor for day (need) 3.000 5.000 10.000
  Min. Period week month month
  Payment Model only pre pre & credit pre & credit
  Multi-channel (sub-campaigns)  
ReTargeting Filters
  Retarget Windows (max days) open 45 30
  All Tagged User (Visitors)    
  Campaign Visitors (Prospecitng Tag)  
  Product Visitors (Product ID tag)    
  Abandoned Cart (e-commerce)  
  Inactive Users (mobile apps)  
  Personalized Retargeting Filters    
Campaign Optimizations
  Frequency Cap  
  CPA Optimized (conversion)
  Optimization Alghoritms  
Inventory type
  All open RTB inventory
  Google DoubleClick  
  Rubicon RTB  
  Facebook Fbx  
  Desktop 10% 20% 20%
  Mobile Web 90% 40% 50%
  Mobile Inapp   40% 30%
Creativity Need
  LandingPage Url  
  TagAds (available)  
Tracking System
  Trading Desk (tDesk)
  Click/Conversion Tracking
  TAG management
  PostBack (Server2Server)
Support Services
  Help Desk (tickets)
  Direct Support (Chat)  
  Traffic Manager   available dedicate