PROSPECTING (Traffic Packs)

Engaging online users and get them to visit the online pages for the first time.

  • For Website (to landingpage)
  • For Mobile App (Deeplink)
  • CPC (Cost per Click)
  • CPV (Cost per Visit)
  • From €0,006 Click
  • Budget: min. €50 for day
  • Post-Back Optimization

Package comparison

    NoFilter PageVisit Banner Native Behavioral
  Minimum Period week week month month month
  Payment Model only pre only pre pre & credit pre & credit pre & credit
  Multi-channel (sub-campaigns)    
Campaign Optimizations
  Traffic Planning    
  Frequency Cap    
  Bid Request Parameter (need)    
  Page Visit Optimized  
  CPA Optimized (conversion)    
  Optimization Alghoritms    
  Audience Management    
Inventory type
  All open RTB inventory
  Google DoubleClick     option option option
  Rubicon RTB     option option option
  Facebook Fbx     option option option
  Desktop 10% 10% 20% 20% 20%
  Mobile Web 90% 90% 40% 40% 40%
  Mobile Inapp     40% 40% 40%
Target Filters
  GEO - Country/City
  Connetivity WiFi/G3-4    
  Mobile Operators/Carrers    
  Mobile Brand/os/device    
  Audience (lists)    
  IP range    
Creativity Need
  LandingPage Url
  TagAds (available)      
Tracking System
  Trading Desk (tDesk)
  Click/Conversion Tracking    
  TAG management  
  PostBack (Server2Server)  
Support Services
  Help Desk (tickets)
  Direct Support (Chat)          
  Traffic Manager     available available available