Who we are

Brokerad was founded in London in February 2014. This startup date actually represents the formal establishment of the corporate structure. The founder's specialization in Web Marketing and Digital Marketing had started in 1999. Today, Brokerad is recognized in the European market as an established specialist 3rd generation Digital Marketing company, whose key to marketing success is represented by the wealth of DATA and the management of Cross-Device and Multi-Channel resources.

Gabriele Taviani

Founder and creator of Brokerad, since 1999, he has consolidated online marketing business experience in Italy, Brazil (Sao Paulo) and United Kingdom (London). He began his experience in the web sector in 1999, creating CMS-based dynamic websites. In 2003, at a well-known Web Agency in the Italian region of Romagna, he began his long journey in Web Marketing, specializing in SEO and SEM. In 2009, in Sao Paulo, he approached the area of Mobile Marketing through the concept of VAS [Value Added Services]. 2013 saw the beginning of the fantastic Social Advertising experience with Facebook. From 2013 to date, he has consolidated expertise in the social and mobile spheres as an alternative to SEO/SEM.

Strategic Partners

The success of Brokerad is guaranteed by the skills and potential of the selected strategic partners. Firstly, the media channels (Media Partners) that implement strategies for reaching online users. Secondly, the technology platforms (Technology Partners) that are used to track and optimize digital advertising campaigns.

Sviluppo Applicativo

Design and outsourced production of special technology platforms dedicated to the various needs of the Digital Marketing sector. In particular:
  • tDesk
    a proprietary platform for the collection of traffic and conversion data. It caters for the reciprocal processing of data related to acquisition and target channels (website and mobile apps); production of performance reports; relationship management between Brokerad and its clients;
  • xFeed
    this is a special dynamic banner creation platform (creative and image and text content are displayed automatically). It uses behavioral tracking data to decide which product to present to each user in any web or mobile advertising space;
  • mDsp
    a special platform for capturing mobile advertising traffic in RTB contexts. It provides a competitive environment among all the mobile ad-exchanges sustaining rule filters for the acquisition and delivery of traffic.