SalesManago (Marketing Automation)

Identify your website visitors. Monitor their behaviour and transactions. Deliver personalized offers across all marketing channels. Increase email marketing effectiveness by 400% and website conversion by 100%.

  • #1 in Marketing Automation for eCommerce
  • Over 6 000 customers worldwide
  • Segment and manage your Contact db
  • Monitor customer behavior on website
  • Automate process & workflow
  • Revenue atribution & ROI analytics
  • Automation Roles

    Automation Roles

    SALESmanago allows you to set up any number of automation rules and create comprehensive automated marketing processes leading your prospects from the moment of acquisition to the point of purchase.
  • Workflow Automation

    Workflow Automation

    With workflows, you can plan and build a comprehensive marketing campaigns including the most advanced processes. The intuitive wizard allows to create and visualise automation processes consist of 3 elements: events, conditions and actions.
  • User Identification

    User Identification

    The SALESmanago system features a unique, and one of the most advanced modules currently used for identification and monitoring of website visitors.
  • Automated dynamic emails

    Automated dynamic emails

    With SALESmanago you will get a much wider picture than just simple information on opened and clicked emails. Automated behavioural segmentation based on the contact’s behaviour on your website. The right content is sent to the right person at the right time
  • Mobile App Marketing Automation

    Mobile App Marketing Automation

    APPmanago Marketing Automation is one of the first dedicated systems of automation in mobile applications. The platform identifies and monitors application users’ behavior, builds their behavioral profiles and allows to understand them better. APPmanago offers also automated and personalized communication via email, in-app messages, push notifications and SMS, based on built profiles.
  • Predicting Customer Journey models

    Predicting Customer Journey models

    SALESmanago Copernicus – Machine Learning e AI module can automatically select appropriate products for each customer and recommend the best possible way of communication with them based on their Customer Journey.
  • Campaign management

    Campaign management

    The main tool designed for campaign management is the sales funnel. The functionality provided as part of Marketing Automation is used to analyze and support the sales process and to manage sales in the company.
  • A/B/X Testing Engine

    A/B/X Testing Engine

    Prepare and run A/B/X testing of your dynamic content. In the drag&drop creator, you can design any number of banners, forms or landing pages, ant then system will display various creations in the given place according to defined ratio.
  • Social Media Posting

    Social Media Posting

    The SALESmanago publishing module is a tool that automates many common work activities in Social Media marketing. The option to integrate Facebook and Twitter makes planning and publishing of posts or tweets faster while allowing for both real-time and scheduled posting.
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